LVC presents Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai - A Comedy Show by Karunesh Talwar

January 4 | 8PM
LVC Comedy & Music Cafe, Goa


Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai is a comedy show by Karunesh Talwar, where he talks about wanting to be smarter, and being really afraid of turning into a typical Indian uncle. It is a show about a crisis that everyone goes through - why have I not done more with my life? But forget all of that, ghante bhar hasna hai toh aajao.

About Karunesh Talwar

Karunesh Talwar - This happy-go-cynical, wide-eyed comedian is best known for his unusual jokes, jokes that only he could think (and appreciate). Hence, he is out to form a cult with those who resonate with his sense of humor. He once mentioned, “…My belief is that I want to get laughs on the basis of the written word. When I am on stage, I like to stand at one place and talk. The idea is to make it look less like a performance, if possible. The audience should feel the host is talking to them.” One of the most out-there comics out there, Karunesh Talwar is a young comedian and writer who made his way into the local comedy scene by winning several open-mic competitions, including the Comedy Store's RAW.


LVC Comedy & Music Cafe, Goa

Lounge Terminal, Level-6, 5th floor, Caculo Mall, Opp. Fire services H. Q, Panaji, Goa 403001

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