The Amazing Escape: Metro Bomb Defusal

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The Amazing Escape, Bangalore
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Get ready for some serious fun, Bangalore. Because The Amazing Escape Experience is here to offer you some thrill, excitement, and an absolutely wonderful time playing games. Below is a list of games you can join in for

You are part of an elite bomb squad. The police received a call from someone claiming to be part of Laskha Group. The person claimed that there is a bomb in this metro station that will blow up in one hour. The police have evacuated the station. It is your job to find and disarm the bomb.

The good news is that these terrorists see this as a sport and so have provided you with a chance to play their game and win. There will be a lot of puzzles and tasks that lie between you and the bomb.

Good luck. The city is counting on you.


The Amazing Escape, Bangalore

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